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Welcome to the National Democratic Congress of the United State of America (NDCUSA). The National Democratic Congress is a social democratic party.
It believes in the equality and egalitarian treatment of all persons with respect to their political, economic, social, cultural and religious relations in a multi-party environment.

A Better Ghana For all

Our Ghana. Your Ghana. President John Fiifi Atta-Mills said it all when he proclaimed A BETTER GHANA AGENDA for all Ghanaians. Under President John Dramani Mahama, the NDC has continued on this legacy and opened up Ghana for the benefit of all Ghanaians. In Education, Health, Transportation and the Economy, the NDC stands tall.

Equal Opportunity for All!

The NDC is not a party for one class of people. The NDC is for every Ghanaian - irrespective of their tribe, birth circumstance, education or age. We are the party of Equal Opportunities. If you are Ghanaian, and you work hard, you deserve to have a fair shot of the opportunities in the country - education, health, business Opportunities and active participation n government, both at the local and national levels. WE ARE THE PARTY OF THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE. NDC...EDE BEE K3K3!!! .

Development for All!

Under President John Dramani Mahama's government, Ghana has seen huge developments - New Schools, Hospitals, Road Construction, Improved Conditions for Farmers...and many more. Despite the energy challenges (commonly know as DUMSOR). Ghana is still seen by the international community as an investment hub in Africa. To help President Mahama and the NDC continue this great work and tackle DUMSOR for good...

President of the Republic of Ghana

John Dramani Mahama

He was popularly elected in an election conducted by Ghana’s Electoral Commission on December 07, 2012. This is his first term as President (January 07 2013 – January 06 2017), despite serving the remaining five (5) months of the late President J. E. A. Mills’ term.

John Mahama ascended to the Office of President after the untimely demise of the late President - His Excellency Professor John Evans Atta Mills on the 24th of July 2012. President Mahama had previously served as the Vice President, and on the passing of President Mills took over the reins of Government and led the country to bid a befitting farewell to a leader who was much loved, respected and can be described as a Ghanaian icon.

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What we believe in


A sound educational foundation is essential for nation-growth. Ghana under the NDC government of President John Dramani Mahama is making the dreams of many school pupils come to reality.

Tackling "DUMSOR"

Ghana's energy crisis is the result of inaction by previous governments. Under President John Dramani Mahama, long term solutions are being found for a problem that has been with us since Ghana gained independence.

The Economy

We are laying a solid foundation to move Ghana away from being an import dependent nation, to a vibrant and strong manufacturing and export-based economy.


Under President John Dramani Mahama, Ghana has taken huge strides in strengthening the health sector and ensuring that there is adequate budgetary provision to take care of the health needs of Ghana's young and old populations.