We want NDCUSA to be a cool place to discover, share and discuss awesome content from across the country of Ghana. We've penned a few thoughts and guidelines around making this a place you can call home. Note that your participation in NDC USA is always subject to our Terms of Use.

Respectful Participation

Participate and leave your mark. Submit unique stories, express yourself as you like, leave comments, and have fun.

Etiquette and Behavior

Be cool. Treat each other with respect. Don't be that guy.

Don't Spam

You’re not fooling anyone. NDCUSA is not for commercial use. Please don't use NDCUSA for selling or promoting products and services. If we discover that you're involved in solicitation for profit we reserve the right to terminate your account permanently.


on't be sexist, racist, tribalist or a hater. Would you talk to your mom or neighbor like that? NDCUSA defines hate speech as speech intended to degrade, intimidate, or incite violence or prejudicial action against members of a protected group. For instance, racist, triabalist or sexist content may be considered hate speech. There's a fine line here; for example, it's generally OK to criticize an entire nation but not OK to make criticizing generalizations about people of a particular nationality. Don't drink the haterade.

Avoid Conflict

Don't engage with the flotsam and jetsam. If someone is being a jerk in the comments, give the comment a thumbs down and report them to us.

More Questions?

Check out our Terms of Use if you have questions on topics like harassment or defamation. Did we miss something? Remember, you can contact us any time with your questions, suggestions, or concerns. Thanks, and enjoy your surfing!

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